Monday, July 11, 2005

BTW - Still No Chicken Fries

It's been five weeks since the article touting the new BK Chicken Fries and still no word of them actually in existence anywhere. This sounds like a nearly perfect product to me - chicken strips prepared like French fries. But where are the test markets? Not a word about it on the BK site. I want a chicken fry.

Who's Drinking All This Coke?

On the heels of my Diet Coke/Splenda revelation, along comes Coca Cola Zero. Will somebody please tell me how it's different from regular Diet Coke (besides having slightly less sodium)? Is this merely a new marketing angle from Coke? (That'd be a real shocker.) Like the Splenda Diet, the Zero tastes like regular Coke used to taste (in the olden days). And also like the Splenda version, the Zero tastes tons better in the bottle than in the can - this is a very weird new development, if you ask me. But if you want a break from Aspartame, Splenda Coke is the way to go.

Del Taco

Had never heard of Del Taco before I read of its arrival in Michigan (I don't get out much). I love Mexican food, and I'm not opposed to the occasional fast-food variety from Taco Bell. But all accounts said that Del Taco rules, so a trip to the new restaurant in Dearborn Heights helped us kick off the Fourth of July weekend. Let's just say there's no comparison to Taco Bell. And judging by the endless streams of people in the place, there is agreement on this (either that, or everyone had read the same article I did and just had to try the place). We tried tacos, soft & hard, quesadillas, and oh, yes, there was a Macho Nacho in there somewhere too. A long drive to get there but worth the trip. And like a true food freak, I sat there reading the breakfast menu as I ate lunch, wishing there were a way to try the Bacon & Egg Quesadilla or the Egg & Cheese Burrito right then and there.

Dibs & Splenda Coke

June was spent trying all varieties of the new Edy's Dibs - tiny ice cream balls coated in chocolate that come 60 to a carton. Chocolate/chocolate are the best, but there's also vanilla/chocolate, mint/chocolate, Drumstick/chocolate and Nestle's Crunch/chocolate. Also new in June - Diet Coke with Splenda - it is AWESOME! Tastes like Coca Cola used to taste way back when. Better in the bottles than the cans for some reason - some weird metal interaction with Splenda perhaps??? Whatever the case, it puts Diet Coke in a whole new light.